Partial Hospitalization Program In New Jersey

Drugs And Alcohol Partial Hospitalization Program in New Jersey

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in NJ with caring and compassionate staff looking forward to providing you with all the tools needed to heal and recover from substance use and alcohol use disorder.

Whether you are coming out of inpatient treatment and need help in the recovery process, have court-ordered PHP, or are seeking treatment for the first time, New Chapter Recovery will create the individualized treatment plan that best fits your needs.

Our confidential help line is waiting for your call to help take you from hurting to healing at our outpatient treatment facility in New Jersey.

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Don’t Let Drugs And Alcohol Take Any More Of Your Life 

PHP Programs in New Jersey Group Therapy

Partial Care (PC) For Drug and Alcohol Rehab NJ

What To Expect During Drug And Alcohol PHP Treatment Programs NJ

We can help you learn to manage your addiction, develop healthy coping strategies and rediscover hope for your future.

Our partial hospitalization program combines evidence based treatments with spiritual components and holistic activities that best help you conquer addiction on your recovery journey. We provide a safe and supportive environment with a community who treats everyone who walks in our doors like family. During our PHP program, clients can expect:

Alcohol Rehab In New Jersey

Mental Health Facilities For Outpatient Addiction Programs Tailored To Our Clients' Needs

Substance use disorders and mental health disorders are treated by our licensed dual diagnosis treatment staff while allowing space for you to grow.

Our comprehensive services are designed to support individuals in achieving long-term sobriety while developing healthy life skills along the way. At our partial hospitalization program in New Jersey, we strive to be on the forefront of clinical nuances, while utilizing the best methods that have proven timeless.

PHP NJ Addiction Therapy
PHP Treatment Programs New Jersey Counseling

Drug Rehab In New Jersey

Our Comprehensive Therapy Techniques Used For PHP Programs Help You Heal

As with all outpatient programs, therapy plays a vital part in the healing and recovery process. Along with the spiritual components of 12 step work, we provide evidence-based treatment for long-term success and relapse prevention. Therapy modalities include:

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Don’t wait for alcohol and drug addiction to take any more of your life from you…

Some Of Our PHP Family
Reviews of Success

Rachel Riviere
Rachel Riviere
I absolutely love New Chapter and all that this program stands for! It is so refreshing to work with people who are actually invested in providing the best care for clients both while they are in program and even after they leave! The staff is amazing! They are caring and warm and you can feel that this is more than just work for them!!! I would recommend this program to everyone who needs it!
I highly recommend New chapter .Ann and her team are amazing FULL FAITH AND GOD BLESS .
Amazing place! Great counselors and staff. Very caring and understanding as well! Would 100% recommend!!
Enes Pupovic
Enes Pupovic
Love this place great counselors They really care about the clients.
Ann Lewis
Ann Lewis
New Chapter is truly a beautiful place of miracles. I highly recommend this heavenly place of healing and recovery from addiction. New Chapter Faith Based Recovery Centre is by far the best addiction recovery centre that my son has experienced. It is the only Christian addiction recovery centre that effectively worked for our son after trying several recovery places in the past. As a mom, I've been praying 🙏 for my son to receive God's best for his life. I believe that New Chapter ✨️ was the answer to my prayers. My husband is also very happy to see a "New Chapter" in our son's life. Here our son found his way back to the Lord and understands that the Lord has a very special abundant plan for his life. The moment I spoke with Ann on the phone that day, I knew the Lord was directing our son to New Chapter. Jim and I so very much appreciate Ann's warm, gracious and compassionate heart ❤️ for our son's mental health and well-being. All glory to God for the great things that He has done for our son through the ministry of New Chapter. Our son is miraculously starting an amazing "New Chapter" in his life. "The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy" ***Psalm 126:3***
Adam Gunton
Adam Gunton
Ann and the whole team at New Chapter genuinely care about people that are suffering from addiction and mental health issues. I have been working with them for a few months, I have 6.5 years in recovery and would send myself here 7 years ago. Thank you for the work you do!
yall this place is awesome, the staff actually cares, and everyone’s so welcoming!! *there’s also an amazing service dog here soooo slay* but honestly, best iop!! it’s good even if ur not religious, everyone is totallly welcoming and accepting.
James Cucco
James Cucco
I can’t recommend New Chapter enough. The staff is wonderful and extremely committed to their clients. The unique aspect of our treatment is that it involves Christian reinforcement and the power of God to help us craft a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. I know my future has been put on a new and happier path.
Betty Ellis
Betty Ellis
I've seen many walk through the doors of new chapter broken, you might wonder what I mean by broken. On Alcohol,drugs and any addictions. But they have a great team because Ann is a woman of love,Grace,hope, wisdom, knowledge and light. And she built her house on a solid rock and she will always be standing firm. And with the glory of God you come out of New chapter a new person. Because there's nothing without God. I recommend anyone to new chapter faith based recovery
Viral x Improvise
Viral x Improvise
Within all the time and experience I’ve had with other IOP’s and recovery facilities, New Chapter is the best. I felt at home and like I was apart of the group. The staff is also very supportive and accommodating.

New Chapter Recovery Will Take You From Hurting To Healing In Four Simple Steps

Phone Consultation

When you call our confidential helpline for PHP treatment nj, you will speak with a member of our caring and compassionate staff about your individual needs and discuss treatment options that would work for you.

Insurance Verification

We will verify if your insurance plan covers outpatient services for substance abuse and addiction treatment at our facility or we will help refer you to one of our close partner outpatient treatment facilities in New Jersey.

Program Intake

You meet with one of our licensed professionals to create a tailored treatment plan specifically for your needs that will help you heal and get back to life while beginning to build relationships with our caring and compassionate staff.

Relapse Management

We work together on your successful outpatient program, helping you heal before receiving your faith based recovery program certificate. With continued alumni programs and support groups you are always part of our faith family!

New Chapter  Recovery – The Best New Partial Hospitalization Program In New Jersey

Are you looking for a team of heart-felt and caring individuals for your PHP program in New Jersey? Look no further than New Chapter Recovery! We specialize in outpatient treatment and dual diagnosis mental health disorders.

Quality Addiction Treatment Without Leaving Home 

Many suffering from persistent mental illness associated with substance abuse and alcohol abuse don’t take the necessary step of reaching out due to their responsibilities to their family, school or work.

With partial care drug programs in the evening and throughout the morning and day, we are able to work with you to get you the mental health services you need.

What makes PHP drug treatment programs different?

Partial Hospitalization Programs aka Partial Care drug treatment programs have much of the same drug and alcohol treatment services that residential inpatient centers provide – just without needing to leave home and sleep in a facility for 28 or more days.

With our partial hospitalization program, you can sleep at home or at one of our partner sober living communities while spending Monday-Friday with us for six hours of therapy and programming designed to help you heal and fall in love with life again.  

The sessions of our partial care drug program in New Jersey are 3 hours long, twice per day, and 5 days per week. This is a step down of intensity from inpatient and a step up from an IOP program. We work with you until you are ready to faze down to 3 days per week and just one session before fazing down again for our once per week relapse management outpatient program. Services in our outpatient treatment programs include:

Our mission at New Chapter Recovery outpatient programs in New Jersey is to deliver the highest quality psychotherapy for substance abuse treatment with the most empathetic and caring staff to offer emotional and spiritual support throughout your walk with in addiction recovery.

We make it a point to treat everyone who walks in our doors like family without the revolving door like other treatment centers.

If we find on our phone consultation that our PHP treatment program is not the best fit in your addiction treatment, we will help navigate you to inpatient programs, medical treatment, alternative treatments, or medical detoxification to help manage withdrawal symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction.

We are all in this together and we want the best for you!

What are the costs of an outpatient PHP program in New Jersey?

At New Chapter Recovery, we are dedicated to helping our community members with substance use disorders, drug addiction, mental health issues, and alcohol abuse disorder receive the treatment they need to heal and recover! 

That’s why we accept all forms of major insurance and work with our clients whose insurance policies may not cover addiction treatment through outpatient services.

A residential treatment center and their inpatient program could cost more than $30,000/month. We pride ourselves in delivering direct services to our clients at a small fraction of the cost while providing the highest quality care for addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation About Treatment Services In Our Outpatient Settings

If you or a loved one are in need of help with substance use disorders in NJ, call our treatment services phone number to see if our treatment programs fit you or your family member’s needs.

We offer a wide range of alcohol and drug addiction treatment services including:

PHP Drug Rehabilitation Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Is Christian addiction treatment good for someone who does not believe in God?

With our wide range of addiction treatment services at our rehab center, we do not push faith on anyone who does not want it as a part of their addiction recovery treatment plan. 

However, in our elective Christian groups, faith based 12 step meetings, and Bible studies, someone who does not believe in God can choose to come to none, one, or all of these to hear about God in recovery and how it might help you too. 

Alcohol and drug abuse is a hard battle to face and an open mind to try new things could be the difference in someone’s long-term recovery.

While doing any treatment program with outpatient services, we need to look at the whole picture of each individual client.

We work from the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to properly create treatment plans for our clients. Addiction is categorized with 11 criteria that can be summarized in four main components:

  • Physical dependence (feeling the need for the substance to function)
  • Risky use (behaviors to obtain the substance that put you or others at risk)
  • Social problems (losing relationships with family members or friends)
  • Impaired control (having the desire to stop using the substance but unable to manage it)

Relapse management is an important component of any treatment program but a focal point of education in a PHP program setting.

In individual therapy sessions, you will learn individualized coping skills for your substance abuse triggers and co-occurring mental health issues. In group therapy, you will learn coping strategies from others’ intensive outpatient programs you can take with you forever.

When you successfully discharge from your outpatient treatment program, you will continue with the relationships you built in support groups and be part of our family for life!

What is the difference between PHP Programs and IOP Programs?

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are the most intensive outpatient treatment programs for addiction and alcohol use disorder. PHP includes all the traditional treatment with sessions being 3 hours long, twice per day, and five days per week. 

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are a step down in intensity with sessions being 3 hours, once per day, and 3-5 days per week depending on our client’s individual needs. 

An intensive outpatient treatment program consists of three hour sessions 3-5 days/week depending on the client’s individual needs. This includes group therapy, family therapy, individual therapy, individual counseling, etc.

A regular outpatient treatment program is one session, once or twice per week, that helps clients along their long-term addiction recovery journey. Even after you successfully discharge from your PHP or intensive outpatient program, you still remain in our family to continue with outpatient treatment services, 12 step meetings, and alumni services to ensure your longterm success!

The Mental Health Services Administration shares treatment programs featuring daily treatment for 6 hours per day or more constitute PHPs. That said, treatment requirements and duration vary by facility.

The levels of care set forth by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) ranks programs within a continuum of care on a scale of .5 to 4, from early intervention to medically managed intensive inpatient services, respectively. PHPs fall near the middle of this care continuum, ranking as a 2.5 level of care.

Our outpatient treatment facility in New Jersey is located in Parsippany, New Jersey, and for our in-person substance abuse treatment, we serve surrounding areas within 90 minutes such as Dover, Paterson, East Hanover, Lincoln Park, Boonton, Mountain Lakes, Morristown, Morris Plains, Monroe Township, Preakness, Wayne, Towaco, Whippany, Cedar Knolls, White Meadow Lake, Troy Hills, Pompton Plains and Lake Hiawatha.

Our virtual outpatient recovery & therapy for substance abuse can be done from your home on a video call with our clinicians. 

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Don’t wait for alcohol and drug addiction to take any more of your life from you…

Why Choose

New Chapter Recovery?

If you need partial hospitalization programs in NJ for mental health and substance abuse, we will help you make the next chapter of your life the best chapter of your life… So far!

Professional Medical Staff

Our staff are fully and dually licensed for substance use in our iop programs and more.

Recovery Community

At New Chapter Recovery we are dedicated to treating everyone who walks in our doors like family.

Addiction Treatment While Living At Home

Intensive treatment at our treatment center helps our clients in their continuum of care when leaving residential treatment, or if they are not at the level of substance use needing inpatient services at a residential treatment center.